Buying and Selling strategies that keeps up to $50,000.00** more
in your pocket when you use
**The Ward Team**


When buying and selling real estate, how do you know that you are getting the best price you can for your house, as well as getting the best price when buying? Now, there is not exact science, or mathematical equation that will tell you for certain if you are getting either of these. But, we can look at history and, history will show us what we need to know. How does that relate to you buying and selling what is likely going to be the largest priced item you will buy in your life? Well, the past numbers from what we have been able to do with our previous clients tells us that we have been able to help our average buying client save well over $10,000.00 off the sellers asking price when we find the house and negotiate the offer on their behalf. As well, if you use us to sell your present home we typically help you sell for 1.6% more than what the average realtor sells a similar house for. When you add the two amounts together, we help keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. You NET more using the Ward Team and that is what history shows us when you look at our numbers. So you have a greater chance of keeping more of your money in your pocket at the end of the buying and selling process. Isn't using the WARD TEAM something that you should be looking into and finding out how we can help you keep your money in your pocket?

Just fill out the form on this page and put in the notes section "$50,000.00" so we know what information that you are looking for when we contact you.

** $50,000.00 is based upon when a person buys and sells a house using the Ward Team and the average of the houses bought and sold are $750,000.00 each